Theme Place Based Rivers and Oceans Archeology and Culture Geology Ecology Inter Relationships Energy Processes Watersheds
Kindergarten Seedy Side of Plants Will I Sink or Will I Float? O Is for Oak Tree Kindergarten Rocks Is it Living or Non-Living? Nature's Patterns Paper or Plastic Nature Observations Field Trip Can I Drink It?
Grade 1 Towering Trees Forest Of The Sea First Explorers Soil Quilt (No Lesson) Animal Coverings Habitat, What's That? The Three Rs Digging Deeper Watershed Field Trip
Grade 2 Tracing Natural Resources The Ups and Downs of Water Seasonal Seeds Sediments and Soil Observing Nature What Do Birds Have for Breakfast? Fuel and Feathers From Eggs to Adults Tidepool Field Trip
Grade 3 Meet a Tree Journey of a Water Drop Seeds of Change Soil Sleuths Cool Coastal Prairies Lesson of a Lichen Sugar Factories Nature Log Field Trip Rivers and Trees
Grade 4 Sunshine in a Box River Field Trip First Inhabitants Discovering Rocks Reeling in Resources Predator and Prey Slips and Slides Beauty of Bees From Here to There
Grade 5 Creating Corridors Dream Stream Lighthouse Field Trip Salt and Sand The Biosphere: A Closed System Bio-Indicators: Healthy Ecosystems It's Hot in Here Carrying Capacity of a Colony Where River Meets Sea
Grade 6 Salmon in the Classroom River Buddies Medicine People Shake, Rattle, and Roll Fished Out Virtual Links What a Waste! Timely Changes Salmon Migrant Trap Field Trip