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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to inspire a passion for understanding and preserving the natural life of the Lost Coast region in students, visitors and the community. Sharing this passion is what our programs are all about as we work toward our vision of a time when our local and global communities understand, value and appreciate the unique environment of the Lost Coast region and reflect this in their personal lives.


Founded by a group of community-minded nature lovers in 2000, Friends of the Lost Coast originally partnered with staff at the King Range National Conservation Area to bring interpretive information about the local Lost Coast region Conservation Lands to the public. Early projects included natural science fairs and the movie, Lost Coast Adventures, which teaches safety and stewardship to visitors. Since then we have grown to include many more partners and great programs.

Board of Directors


Cheryl Lisin

Cheryl is a landscape designer who specializes in native plants for California gardens. She operates a small native plant nursery and leads plant hikes for BLM, FOLC, Sanctuary Forest and the Southern Humboldt Community Park. Cheryl has served as FOLC President since 2012 and has been a board member since 2010.

Bergen Brell

Bergen has recently relocated to Northern California from North Central Washington State where she had a native plant landscape design and installation business. She is a native plant enthusiast, and is thrilled to be learning an entirely different eco system and plant palette. Bergen has also worked with youth in an outdoor education classroom environment and looks forward to contributing to Summer Adventure Camp. Bergen looks to L.C.I.A. as a leader in outdoor education and preservation and shares their passion to inspire others! Bergen has served on the board as Vice President since 2018.

Christina Huff

Christina is a retired coordinator of our local family resource center, now a trainer and consultant for family strengthening organizations. She enjoys backyard gardening and visiting and hiking on public lands throughout the country with her family. She’s proud to join FOLC in promoting environmental education and access for children and families in our community. Christina has served on the board since 2016 and is Secretary/Treasurer.

Tina Leskar

Tina graduated from Humboldt State with a degree in psychology. Before relocating to Shelter Cove, she worked with at-risk youth and developmentally disabled adults and children. Tina has a great respect for nature and its interconnectedness. She obtained a comprehensive picture of our local landscape during her years working in home and garden maintenance. Tina understands the need for organizations such as FOLC, and is a proud supporter of educating and addressing the environmental needs of our local ecosystems. Tina joined the board in 2019.

Reta Wilmore

Reta is a mother and an instructional aide at Whitethorn School. She has a degree in Natural Resources and has worked with children for many years. Her passion for inspiring a love of nature in children and adults makes her a good addition to the FOLC board. Reta is our Lost Coast Environmental Education Resource (LCEER) Education Coordinator.

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